Red Column
Based in:
Sevilla, Spain
Berlin, Germany

Release date:
28th July 2016

Wii U


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EUR€ 3.60
GBP£ 3.20
USD$ 3.90
CAD$ 4.90


3Souls is a new 2D puzzle platformer game developed by Red Column. different way, and for this reason it will be available exclusively on the Wii U.

There are a total of 3 chapters included on the game.

A demo for the first two levels of Nelesa is available on the Nintendo eShop.


3Souls is the story of 3 Ánimas on the world of Mustland, where the player will offer them assistance from the real world. The Ánimas are the people from the world where is set this adventure, Mustland, a world with many rules that you will discover on your adventure. They all have a Soul and wear Masks which are life essencial and protect them Souls from the world around them.

On the game, the player will use a special tool (the GamePad) to read the thoughts and feelings of the Souls of each of the Ánimas. This tool will also allow the player to connect to them world through one of the many portals that he will discover on their adventure.


  • The GamePad will be use to show the Soul of the Ánima that is playing during all the game, letting the player knows his feelings and thoughts
  • The controller will be also the tool to connect to the portals to them world, using it in different ways, to help each of the Ánimas
  • You can play with another friend in the Co-op Mode. One will be in charge of the puzzles and the other one of the platforms
  • Discover the story, the rules and memories of Nelesa around the world of 3Souls: Mustland
  • Find out our secret Easter Egg "8 Seconds of Nindies" in collaboration with many indie developers of Wii U


Launch Trailer YouTube

Nelesa and the sad cells of Moon Prison YouTube

Co-op Mode YouTube


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Posters & Artworks

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3Souls Credits

Arturo Chaves Maza
Production, development, story and design

Ananda Costa

Eduardo Risi

Juozapas Švelnys
Backgrounds artist

Ali Fahmy [Luckytime]
Ilustration artist

Teresa Chaves
Video editor

Jakoby Easton and James F.P.

Cristina Velasco
Spanish Translation

David Wölk
German Translation

Simone Morelli
Italian Translation

Pauline Blondel and Etienne Masson
French Translation

Charles Humphreys
Voice (Suez)

Izabela Zieba
Voice (Nelesa)

Christopher Percival
Voice (Nophes)

Barry Dunne
Voice (Nidemon)

Dawn Maxfield
Voice (Doors)

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